Micro-Philanthropy in Action

April 1, 2009 to Present

Over the past year, we have been working on a project examining new strategies to engage people across Canada in micro-philanthropy support of local grassroots projects. While we are still maintaining our priority objective to build an endowment fund to provide a sustainable, long-term source of support for the environmental movement, we are also experimenting with new ways to provide infrastructure support and research into innovative vehicles emerging in the area of online giving and micro-philanthropy. These include researching messages that resonate with Canadians; social media and social networking to raise friends and funds (including Facebook, Twitter and blogs); and how donors can connect directly with grassroots leaders through interactive tools.

This work has been fruitful in many ways – building knowledge and expertise within the NET on how to use its infrastructure for capacity building helping to build a new funding organization. With the leadership of Board member, Ruth Richardson, a project called Small Change Fund, www.smallchangefund.org, was launched in partnership with Tides Canada. It features 30 charitable grassroots projects across Canada in need of support, both time and money.

With organizational colleagues, such as tidescanada.orgsocialactions.com, and smallchangefund.org testing the practical aspects of models of engagement, we continue our research into best practices. We are excited about our growing recognition as a leader in the field and the opportunities that await us in the area of strengthening Canada’s environmental movement from the ground up.

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We encourage you to make a difference now by helping to build our trust. If every Canadian donated a loonie, think about what we could do.

We are the first not for profit environmental trust in Canada. Our goal is to keep building a long term trust fund for grassroots environmental initiatives aimed at raising public awareness, education and conservation. Each year, we embark on a nationwide funding drive. We ask that you join in the movement and help ensure a clean, healthy future for our children’s children, one loonie at a time.