How we do it

Building Capacity

The NET is an innovative strategy for developing a sustainable environmental movement in Canada. While there is funding available from government sources, public and private foundations as well as corporations to finance environmental initiatives, that funding is almost exclusively project-based. Therefore, under this traditional format, underlying organizational weaknesses are not addressed. The NET's concept of targeting the core capacity and operational level for funding aims to restore environmental organizations' capacity for strategic planning and maintaining long-term effective communication and public education programs.

Working Locally and Nationally

Much of the funding available is regional, which cannot meet Canada's national environmental needs and objectives. Environmental issues transcend human-made political boundaries, requiring efforts at all levels. The NET is unique in working with groups locally, regionally and nationally.

Catalyzing Partnerships and Collaboration

The NET also models an unusual organizational structure, one that puts primacy on relationships, partnerships and committed joint actions. The NET is committed to remaining a virtual-based organization, and will not grow into a national organization with its own central hard infrastructure. Rather, it reaches into communities through existing networks and innovative partnerships - both with traditional and non-traditional allies of the environment, working through others, while retaining a small central core. This unique administrative structure allows the NET to minimize its administrative costs, and, as an operating principle, we commit to taking no more than 10% of monies generated for administration.

Creating Tools for Action

The NET has already developed one educational and awareness tool, the Climate Change EcoSavers Coupon Book. The Coupon Book educates the public around issues of climate change, raises awareness about how consumer behaviour impacts on climate change, provides a fundraising tool for both the NET and community NGOs, and promotes the use of environmentally-friendly products.

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We encourage you to make a difference now by helping to build our trust. If every Canadian donated a loonie, think about what we could do.

We are the first not for profit environmental trust in Canada. Our goal is to keep building a long term trust fund for grassroots environmental initiatives aimed at raising public awareness, education and conservation. Each year, we embark on a nationwide funding drive. We ask that you join in the movement and help ensure a clean, healthy future for our children’s children, one loonie at a time.