Canadian Change Conversations

The Canadian Icons Project / Canadian Change Conversations celebrate our identity and citizenship.

Launched in conjunction with Canada’s 150th Anniversary, these initiatives create a place and space, physical and virtual, for conversations about issues that are shaping our society today and tomorrow.

The goal is to reflect on our achievements – but also to deepen engagement, inspire positive action, and promote change and innovation that make our communities and nation even stronger and more sustainable.

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202-174 Stanley Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 1P1

We encourage you to make a difference now by helping to build our trust. If every Canadian donated a loonie, think about what we could do.

We are the first not for profit environmental trust in Canada. Our goal is to keep building a long term trust fund for grassroots environmental initiatives aimed at raising public awareness, education and conservation. Each year, we embark on a nationwide funding drive. We ask that you join in the movement and help ensure a clean, healthy future for our children’s children, one loonie at a time.